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An Unconventional Affair Book 2, A Risk Worth Sharing

This second part of An Unconventional Affair finds Barrington Stone working in Australia for a year. Tranquility“Tee” Hammond, fifteen years his senior, has ended their affair, but for Barrington it was never over. He can’t wait for the year to pass to go back to her. However, after a drunken encounter, with a woman he later discovers is a sex worker, his life is changed forever. How can he possibly leave Australia, now that he has a daughter?

After accepting that Barrington won’t be coming back to the UK, Tee rekindles her relationship with the charming-yet-unconventional Sebastian Chandler, owner of a motorsportsracetrack. Although living with Sebastian is “complicated” and life for the couple isn’t perfect, they are settled and Tee is happy.

But everything changes when Barrington returns. Tee’s heart is in turmoil, and Sebastian is afraid he will lose the woman he loves. As the plot thickens and twists unravel, Barrington must decide if there is one risk worth sharing.

My review

Most common fear of readers is that if there is a sequel, the sequel is never as good as the original. Not only readers have this fear, but also film lovers.

How many books/ movies have there been in history that just couldn’t compete with the first part?

Too many to tell…

So it’s obvious that when I started reading ‘Book 2’ I kind of mentally prepared myself to be disappointed.

And then I started…

And for once, I actually liked the sequel better than the first part.

As in the first part, I couldn’t find the real joy of reading it, I hoped this one wouldn’t be one of those sequels that were just a glimpse of what has already been known.

That I could relate to the characters, would be a strange assumption, as I for starters, am single, not left abroad, don’t have a child with someone I didn’t really want to be with.

So a lot of reasons that I couldn’t relate…

But for some other reasons, I could understand what Barrington was going through in Australia.

I understood his choices and I even think I would have done the same if I were to be in his shoes.

And also what happened with Tee, meeting again with Sebastian and give their relationship a second chance. And even if Sebastian is feeling like something is missing, again, I understood them.

Only little point of critisism… what annoyed me a bit, were the huge time jumps… suddenly there is a jump over 10 years, and to me, it was a too big jump.

But beside that, I really liked reading this book.

During the reading, when Barrington and Tee meet again, I felt immediately where their story would go.

Even though their unconventional affair isn’t really my thing, I wanted to know how everybody in the story would react and handle their own feelings.

And I must say, it was all well written. Ok, there are some explicit scenes, but you know you are getting them, if you chose to read this story.

And they are not disturbing at all, they even give you that little extra to understand the whole situation.

So if you’re not afraid to read some explicit sex scenes, and want to know what happens after the first book, you’ll really like this one!

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