Spoiler -alert: I loved it!


Marigold Doyle’s life was perfect, with a successful career and wonderful marriage. But when her husband, Julian, passes away, her life is thrown into turmoil as she discovers a trail of secrets Julian was hiding in the months prior to his death. Struggling with her grief, she knows she needs to find out Julian’s actions to help her move on. 

Finn Schröder, a former police officer and now private security consultant, is focused on an uncomplicated, unattached life and growing his business. He agrees to help Marigold find out the truth about Julian, but as they become closer, he realises his feelings for her may be developing beyond simply professional. 

As Marigold and Finn work through the web of Julian’s deception, will they learn to face the reality that things aren’t always exactly as they seem?

My review

As genre this book is classified as ‘Romance’. But if you read the synopsis, you’ll know it’s more than just a romantic story.

There is mystery, drama, and a few ‘what on earth???’ moments.

After Marigold loses her husband after a heart attack, she discovers that he had secrets. And big ones, like having leased an appartment nobody knew about.

So she asks Finn, a former police officer, to investigate this further and find out why her husband had an appartment. Was he cheating on her? And what else was hidden?

Initially Marigold looked like a real snob to me. When she married her husband, Julian (the husband for being clear 😀) was just a man who matched all her needs. He was smart, good looking, ambitious, had a good job. Sure, she loved him, but did she love him for all the superficial things or for who he really was?

And how Marigold acted, well, it screamed ‘spoiled brat’ all over the place.

But then I got into the story. And more I was reading, more I was starting to feel sorry and even sympathy for Marigold.

This book was proof that there is always more than sees the eye. You get to see another side of Marigold, and you learn that she’s just like every other woman, with her own doubts and insecurities.

But luckily for Marigold, she can rely on Finn. What starts as a work relations evolves to more and they even start to build a nice frienship. They both learn that they can trust each other.

What was refreshing, was that for the real romance, you had to be very patient. And although sometimes it was frustrating (kiss the guy already!!!) it felt right for the story.

Nobody rushed into a new story, but everybody takes time to understand what their feelings are. Is it love? Is it just lust? Or need to just have anybody close, no matter who it is?

The story is also so easily written, that you cannot just put it away. I started on a lazy day and only a few days later, I finished it.

If it isn’t clear, I really enjoyed this book, and as always when you like a book, I was sad when I reached those final words, ‘The End’…

As this was the first book that I read from this author, it really got me interested in her other books.

So dear Megan Mayfair, you’ve got a new fan!

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