‘A Horse Called Bicycle’ – written  by Roxana Valea @roxana_valea @rararesources

Is it the real thing?


Roxy found love . . . but is it enough?
In the second installment of the Polo Diaries series, polo player Roxy goes back to Argentina a year after the events in Single in Buenos Aires, filled with dreams of settling down with the man she loves. This time, once again, Argentina is full of surprises and things are not what they appear to be. Or maybe they’re exactly what they’re meant to be, as a fortune-teller informs her. 

Roxy takes a leap of faith and follows her dreams once again. She spends time at glamorous party venues of Buenos Aires and travels to the rough and wild pampas. Along the way, Roxy’s friends support and champion her quest for love, but when things get out of hand, Roxy realizes she needs to listen to her own inner voice and must make a hard choice. Two paths open in front of her, each one with far-reaching consequences. Which will she choose?

My review

A year after leaving Argentina and Rodrigo, Roxy decides to give love a chance and moves back to the place she left her heart.
But moving to Argentina is just the first of many difficult steps… Is the love between her and Rodrigo the real thing? And will it survive the many differences?

This is the second installment of the series, continuing where the first left us. Roxy finally found the guts to come clean about her feelings for Rodrigo and is ready to take a leap of faith.
Also in this part, I admired Roxy, as she does what her heart tells her, even if it’s completely the opposite what her friends tell her.
Despite her fear of being all too good to be true, she sets her mind of making everything work.

Even if her friends don’t agree with her decisions, they love her unconditionally and let her make her own mistakes, ready to be there for her whenever she needs them.
And when another injury takes place, again they are ready to take care of her, without asking something in return.

For me, this series is not a story about finding your true love, but about finding your inner peace. What makes you happy? What can you live without? But what if the thing that makes you happy is also the thing that destroys you?
It shows you that wanting something so badly, isn’t always enough. You have to find the strength to say goodbye to the thing you love but hurts you.