Even though it’s still a couple weeks left until Christmas, I started this book with curious anticipation.

Already in the prologue you get to know the main character and her sad story. Instantly you despise her husband and you cheer for a happy end.

Melissa never experienced the true Christmas spirit thanks to her ex-husband and distant parents.

When she finally stands up for herself, her first and only priority is her son William.

And a new love interest? Totally not in her plans…

But that’s only until William starts with taking tennis lessons from Daniel.

Both characters aren’t looking for falling in love again, but of course you cannot just decide to not fall in love.

This isn’t a simple love story where you just get to know all the characters superficially.

The writer really explains the thoughts of each person, so that you really get involved into the story and cheer for them.

And how not to adore little William??? He is the reason Melissa and Daniel bond. This little shy guy takes tennis lessons from super-hunk Daniel who proves himself more than just a teacher.

Melissa sees how William opens up and starts to feel more than just friendship for the man responsible for the changes in William.

The story is very easy to read. No chapters that never end and you’re looking for the end of it so you can take a break.

Every chapter has the perfect length. But that didn’t stop me from binge-reading and the book was finished quicker than I thought.

This writer has just found an extra fan!

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