Even Easter is not an excuse for me for not posting a review.

So first, Happy Easter to you all, and may your day be filled with lots and lots of chocolate eggs! (I know mine will! 😂)

But now it’s time to be serious again, so here is my latest reviw!


They have the whole summer ahead of them. Is it enough to rekindle the friendship they once shared?

Harriet Greenleaf dreams of spending the summer in a beautiful ancient priory on the Somerset coast with her two best friends—but her dream is bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s a chance to reconnect three lives that have drifted apart; on the other, she has a devastating secret to share that will change everything between them forever.

First to arrive is Audrey—the workaholic who’s heading for a heart attack unless she slows down and makes time for herself. Then Lisa, the happy-go-lucky flirt who’s always struggled to commit to anyone—or anything. Ever the optimist, can Harriet remind them of the joy in their lives and the importance of celebrating good friendship before it’s gone?

Through the highs and lows of a long, glorious summer, these three women will rediscover what it means to be there for each other—before they face the hardest of goodbyes.

My review

What to say after reading this story? I’m just speechless. And believe me, it’s takes a lot to leave me speechless…

This is also going to be a review with more personal,meaning, as in my family we had to face the fight against cancer too…

While I was reading this beautiful story, I had so many flashbacks and the main thought was that we were one of the lucky ones, compared with so many other persons who were not so lucky.

And unfortunately the main character is one of the unlucky ones…

Harrie has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer, and doesn’t have so much time left. She decides to take her best friends on a holiday in a priory, to celebrate their friendship. And also tell them somehow the bad news.

Despite the lingering depressing part of cancer, this is a WONDERFUL book about friendship.

This story also reflects on how people can react differently on receiving bad news. As Harrie tells the news to her friends Audrey and Lisa, she is surprised by how they react unlike how Harrie thought they would.

But also Lisa and Audrey are facing their own problems, and don’t know what their future will look like. And can they bother Harrie with their problems, as it looks so insignificant compared with Harrie her problems…

There are lots of beautiful moments, like when Harrie meets Samson and a new friendship blooms. Or when Honor comes to visit also.

Lots of moment that put a smile on my face, but there were also a few times I had to fight against my tears…

Without writing any spoilers, the end was really hard, but also sweet…

For anyone who wants to read this story (I recommend it!) I suggest to take some time after the end, to process everything that happened here.

And we all should learn to enjoy the beautiful things in life, instead of, how often it happens, we just stay in our comfort zone without being truly happy…

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