Yes Rachael, I reviewed your book again! 😃


Mixing business with pleasure…

…has never been more tempting!

Career-focussed Zara Anders, an estate agent for the elite, has sworn off men―until gorgeous Swedish billionaire Daniel Lazenby gets under her skin. Their racy affair heats up quickly, but ends in a hurry when Zara learns about Daniel’s womanizing past. Determined to win her back, Daniel offers her a business deal too good to be true…and some out-of-office fun too tempting to turn down!

My review

Those who follow my blogs, know that previously I also reviewed another book by Rachael Stewart. So given me the possibility to read another book of her, I just took it!

And again it did not disappoint me a bit!

Zara is an estate agent who needs to find a new home for Julia. So she meets Daniel, just an over the top hot looking Swedish man. He’s not looking for a relationship, and she dismissed men generally. But their chemistry is too hard to ignore.

What I liked about this book is that there is just more that the explicit scenes. When you start reading it, you know what to expect.

But sometimes books in this genre are focused on the physical aspects and the story itself is not that important. Rachael Stewart manages again to find the perfect balance between the two. Yes, there are some heated moments, but not at the cost of the story. You get to learn the characters, and during the story you understand them. This story goes deeper than other books in the sale genre, which makes it really enjoyable!

In my previous blog, I had the tiny remark about the use of the word ‘tummy’. To my delight, ‘tummy’ was again used several times. But this time, ‘tummy’ met ‘belly’. 😂 And this time I wasn’t a itsy bitsy annoyed by it, but it just made me laugh!

So again another lovely book that I read and Rachael Stewart definitely won me over! I’m a fan!!!

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