Not the usual love story!


Having an affair is inconceivable to Dani and yet she’s having one with Alex. He’s married, he’s an actor and she’s his agent.

Then Dani meets Sean, a paparazzi photographer with a formidable reputation. It’s a profession that makes him unpredictable at best. A dangerous trait when his motivation to expose becomes personal. 

Dani knows she’s made mistakes. She also knows she’s not the first person who wilfully hurt someone they love and is simply unable to explain why.

My review

First thing you need to know, is that the book goes very fast.

It took me a while to realise this fact, but if you know this from the start, the book will make more sense.

Even if you think only a small lapse of time has passed, in truth a couple of months have passed.

So if you think that everything is going way too fast, it’s not.

This story had me really thinking, how you sometimes cannot just explain your own actions. You do something wrong, and you know it is, but you just cannot stop yourself.

This is what happening with Dani. She’s the agent of happily married Alex and somehow she finds herself having an affair with him.

And then she starts a relationship with Sean, a paparazzi.

You already know that one of the relationships is going to be doomed. But is it the affair, being discovered by Sean? Or is Sean going to be dumped, as Alex is the right man for Dani?

This isn’t a typical love story where all is forgotten and forgiven. Dani needs to learn to live with the consequences of her choices and has to do some deep digging in her past.

And who will be prepared to forgive her for her badly made choices? And will she get her life back together or not?

The life of an agent isn’t an easy one, as work is always the first priority. And love messes up the perfect balance Dani had.

So in some kind of way, it’s a sad story, but there is always a silver lining in the places you least expect it.

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