A beautiful story!


Set in the rolling countryside of Devon, ‘In Too Deep’ is the emotional story of a woman’s determination to win the trust of the man she’s adored since they were thrown together as children, by forcing him to confront the darkness of his long-lost past.

One little lie. A guilty secret. And the man she mustn’t love…

It’s been six years since Isy Forrester left home. In that time, she’s strived to forge a new life for herself in London, away from Jack Mancini, her father’s adopted son, and his devastating betrayal of everything she thought they had.

Only now her father’s in hospital, and the house that’s been in her family for generations is at risk. Forced to return to Devon, she finds Jack as infuriating and stubborn as ever, and just as irresistible. Soon she realises the bright lights of London can’t hold a candle to him.

But Jack has a past, one which he refuses to share with her. And until he can trust her with these deepest secrets, how can she risk her heart? How can she even begin to help him, when he won’t tell her what happened all those years ago – before her father brought him home to Hambledon Hall?

My review

Isy left her home 6 years ago, being heartbroken by Jack. She limited contact to the bare minimum. But when her father is in the hospital, she rushes back home.
When she finds out that her home is at risk of being lost, she won’t go without a fight. She wants to do whatever it takes to keep the house part of the family. Even if this means working together with Jack.

Jack is still this stubborn and infuriating as six years ago. But he also carries a big secret he is not ready to share with Isy. But even after all these years, both of them seem unable to put the feelings they had away.

Will they both find it in their hearts to completely trust each other, even if a secret may be push Isy even further away?

This story was not what I thought… I had this romantic story practically already written in my head. But the more I read, lesser the story in my mind and the actual book matched.
In my modest opinion, this story is all about trust…
Jack is so sure that his darkest secret will push Isy away and that she will leave him. By thinking so, Jack keeps his secret to him, creating a distance between him and Isy.

What I really enjoyed while reading was, how Isy and Jack were coping with the distance between them, and slowly you see that the feelings they had did not just disappear into thin air.
And because of their distance, there are so many misunderstandings, but as they are both stubborn, they don’t immediately clear the air. And this caused a lot of rolling of my eyes, nearly yelling at Isy and Jack, because it was so obvious that they want to grow close again, but they just don’t! So frustrating as a reader!

For me, it was not what I expected, but even better! Not a simple “one look at each other and they fall back in love and live happily ever after” but a story about forgiveness, trust, putting the past behind you and allow yourself to love another person! And also, never underestimate the feelings someone has for you. Because if it’s true love, all can be forgiven!


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