When being in a jury is suddenly about finding out the truth about 2 people…


Whispers in the courtroom.

Only one juror hears them.

Can Laura unravel the truth by the end of the trial?

In an old courtroom, a hissing voice distracts shy juror, Laura, and at night recurring nightmares transport her to a Victorian gaol and the company of a wretched woman.

Although burdened by her own secret guilt, and struggling to form meaningful relationships, Laura isn’t one to give up easily when faced with an extraordinary situation.

The child-like whispers lead Laura to an old prison graveyard, where she teams up with enthusiastic museum curator, Sean. He believes a missing manuscript is the key to understanding her haunting dreams. But nobody knows if it actually exists.

Laura is confronted with the fate of two people – the man in the dock accused of defrauding a charity for the blind, and the restless spirit of a woman hanged over a century ago for murder. If Sean is the companion she needs in her life, will he believe her when she realises that the two mysteries are converging around a long-forgotten child who only Laura can hear?

Ordinary women.

Extraordinary experiences.

My review

Laura is a member of a jury deciding the fate of a man accused of fraud. But when the process starts, she suddenly starts hearing whispers from a child. She is the only one who hears them, but doesn’t make any sense out of them. She doesn’t hear actual words, but more sounds.
Even more, she starts having nightmares each night about a woman hanged over a century ago for murder.

When she meets Sean, he teams up with her to find out what is happening and what actual happened with the woman. Being a museum curator, he has more possibilities to dig deeper in the past.

Together they slowly are uncovering the truth. And a friendship is being built. But Laura herself is having a few dark secrets of her own.

This is seriously one intriguing story!
Having 2 different mysteries surely kept me reading. The ‘real’ case of fraud already was something not clear to me what actually happened.
Add the mystery of a family living a century ago haunting Laura, made it even better.

Laura is a shy woman, not someone who asks for attention. But she knows her world and when she speaks up, she knows what she is talking about.
She is also not someone that give up easily. She has a hunger for the truth, wants to know what truly happened.

When she meets Sean, at first she is a bit distant, but the mutual interest in the past makes sure that a friendship is born and they both open up.
Sean appears to be a true friend, understanding Laura and not thinking she is just a crazy woman. He doesn’t understand how it is possible, but believes Laura and what is happening to her. He supports her the best he can.

The more we get to know about the woman and girl in the past, the more we realize their lives were a tragic one.
The extend of it, is heart – breaking. They both deserved so much more and the consequences somehow are still reflected in the present.

A story that keeps you on the edge on your seat. Beautifully written about how the truth is the most important thing and understanding one’s action without condemning them. And also that the truth will always come out, even if it may take a longer time than predicted…

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