When the past and present come together.


Everything is about to change…

1789. Pierre and Catherine Aubert, the Comte and Comtesse de Verais, have fled the palace of Versailles for their château, deep in the French Alps. But as revolution spreads through the country, even hidden away the Auberts will not be safe forever. Soon they must make a terrible decision in order to protect themselves, and their children, from harm.

Present day. When Lu’s mother dies leaving her heartbroken, the chance to move to a château in the south of France with her husband and best friends seems an opportunity for a new beginning. But Lu can’t resist digging into their new home’s history, and when she stumbles across the unexplained disappearance of Catherine Aubert, the château begins to reveal its secrets – and a mystery unsolved for centuries is uncovered…

My review

Lu is finding herself a bit lost after her mother’s death. She took care of her mother, giving up her job for it. But now she doesn’t know what to do, as also her children have left the house.
When she gets the opportunity to buy a château with her husband and their best friends, she takes it.

Initially she is not sure and she is also afraid she will feel out of her depth. As she is always intrigued by history, she wants to find the history of the château. And when she is told that it’s haunted and that a woman disappeared in the 18th century, she has to find the truth.

In the 18th century, Pierre and Catherine Aubert were staying at the palace of Versailles. But as the revolution is getting closer, hey see no other option than escaping to Pierre’s château in the French Alps.
But revolution is not only taking place in Paris, but in all French. Is their upper-class as Comte and Comtesse making their situation becoming a dangerous one? And what can they do to protect themselves and their children?

This book is actually 2 stories for the price of one, a real promotion! ☺️
We get to know Lu and her new adventure. After losing her mother, she does not know what to do with her life. After an evening of too much drinking with friends, an idea takes place and the whole bunch are going to buy a place in France, having no real obligations at home.
Lu is reluctant, which makes real sense. Leaving everything behind is not so easy. And moving to a whole other country, is even more difficult. And of course, you can be best friends, but spending the whole time together, wouldn’t it jeopardize their friendship?

Initially she appears to be a very insecure woman. She doubts the made decisions, but she is also afraid to be a party – pooper and spoil the enthusiasm of the rest.  But slowly she finds her way in France, and she finds a purpose. It starts with wanting to figure out the past of the château, to taking care of a dog, and start teaching again. she blossoms to a warm and kind person. We know that she is the caring type, as she took care of her mother, and even if she is too preoccupied about her husband’s health, we know she does it for the right reasons.

Next to Lu her story, we are back in the past, getting to know Catherine and her husband. Initially they are spending time at Versailles. Catherine is a young woman, in awe of Marie – Antoinette. She has never known any better than wealth and is shocked when the ‘normal’ people are turning again their King and Queen. Of course history told us what was going on during that period, but Catherine has no clue. This shows a bit of her naivety, but we must not forget that she is young and simply does not know better. 
At the chateau, Catherine has to change her perspective. She grows up, and learns valuable lessons.

But of course the mystery remains. What happened to Catherine and Pierre? And together with Lu we are finding out what happened to the couple.
I sensed where the story would go to and even if Catherine was being rather happy at the chateau, there was this sense of doom.
I wanted that there was a way of turning Catherine’s cards. I felt sympathy for her, but I was also proud of how she managed to change her way of life.
And for Lu I was happy as she was finding her footing in a total strange country.

This story kept me going, wanting to know when Lu’s and Catherine’s worlds would come together. I was eager to know when the secrets would be out and that all characters would find their peace, each at their own way.

A story about changing your home, coping with changes, but having your loved ones near, and finding your peace.


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