When law and law enforcers cannot bring justice, who you gonna call?


If a tooth costs a tooth and an eye costs an eye

When a man hits his wife, then it’s his turn to die

Furious that the courts and police can’t prevent respected surgeon John Kirby from beating his wife, Sally Mellors steps in to save her. Permanently…

But Grace Kirby isn’t the only one who needs saving and Sally quickly discovers she’s taken on a much bigger job than she’d thought.

With her unique ability to blend justice with fun, Sally sets joyfully about the business of removing the monsters from women’s lives, but is she in danger of becoming a monster herself?

As her friends in the police get ever closer, Sally has some serious questions of her own to answer.

My review

If there is one thing Sally Mellors cannot stand, it’s injustice. So when she realizes John Kirby is abusing his wife, she wants to take justice in her own hands.

But Grace Kirby is not the only woman suffering on the hands of a man, and Sally quickly has more to do than just taking vengeance on 1 man.

While fighting for a right cause, she has to stay out of the hands of the police. And that ‘ay be harder than she thought, as some of her friends are in the police. And also, is she becoming dangerous herself, as she is enjoying a bit too much taking care of monsters?

Too often we read something in the newspapers or see on the television about a woman being a victim of her husband. And every time this happens, we hope the victims are being protected by the law. But sometimes the abusers slip through the mesh and surviving victims are once again fearing for their lives.

This story shows us an alternative, at the moment the victims have no more hope. Of course taking justice in your own hands is not a solution. But imagining someone doing so, is surely fun to read about!

Sally is the anti – heroine in this book. When abused women are standing alone, she steps up, taking revenge on the husbands.

It’s not only just killing them, but killing them in a way reflecting the way they abused their wives.

It’s a dark book, talking about a serious theme. It could have become a book hard to digest, but thanks the dark humour in it, it makes it somehow a lighter story.

It was kind of fun reading how Sally and her accomplice are minutiously planning their act of vengeance.

And the way the police is always was one step behind her, was sometimes hilarious.

Of course I don’t agree with taking justice in your own hands, but I see what is Sally’s motive. And in a way, I was cheering for her, to be successful. And I know I was not the only one, as some persons of the police, are thinking the same way…

The conflicting feelings, the feeling of injustice, but also the bond that is created throughout the story, makes this one heck of an interesting, intruiging book!

3 gedachtes over “‘An Implacable Woman’ – written by K.T. Findlay #BookReview @ktfindlay @rararesources

  1. Hi Tizi,
    Many thanks for the lovely review. That’s just the sort of reaction I want the readers to have for this book, so I’m delighted with this. 🙂
    KT Findlay


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