Age is just a number…


Homeward Bound features 79-year-old grandfather George, who didn’t quite make it as a rock star in the ‘60s. He’s expected to be in retirement but in truth he’s not ready to close the lid on his dreams and will do anything for a last chance. When he finds himself on a tour of retirement homes instead of a cream tea at the seaside his family has promised, it seems his story might prematurely be over.

He finds the answer by inviting Tara, his 18-year-old granddaughter, to share his house, along with his memories and vast collection of records. She is an aspiring musician as well, although her idea of music is not George’s. What unfolds are clashes and unlikely parallels between the generations – neither knows nor cares how to use a dishwasher – as they both chase their ambitions.

My review

George is recently widowed, and despite his son – in – law’s efforts to get him in a retirement home, he is happy with his current living accommodations. He knows that once he moves out, it will be his last home and has to say goodbye to his huge collection of vinyl records.

The solution comes from his granddaughter Tara. She suggests to move in with him, while she is studying at college. That way she can keep an eye on him, and she doesn’t have to rent another place.

But 2 oh so different generations are bound to clash. Slowly the both of them are finding common grounds, despite their differences…

I found this a sweet, sad story.

I felt so sorry for George. He is of a certain age, so it’s obvious that the people near him worry about him. Yet he is not incapable of taking care of himself. And when he visited those awful retirement homes, well, I couldn’t see him in there…

He is also a man living in the past… he had the chance to become a famous musician, but due circumstances this chance passed. And he somehow still regrets that he didn’t have lived that life. So when an opportunity comes, he grabs it with both hands.
I sensed immediately there was something dodgy, but I understood him doing it anyway, because what if it would be his last chance anyway?

And Tara is young, and in a relationship with a man with let’s say a rather peculiar taste in music. Living with her grandfather isn’t easy, as they both have to change their ways and have to take each other wishes in account.
Yet sometimes I had a feeling that Tara didn’t know herself what she wants from life and she just goes with the flow.

I felt sorry for the both of them, as they both were not happy with their current situation. Toby, Tara’s dad, was often the cause of making it even a sadder story. The way he treats George and even his own wife and daughter, was just nasty…

The sweeter parts were when grandfather and granddaughter were bonding over music. The music was a way to rediscover each other and made the both of them realize what their possibilities were and that chasing your dreams is always worth taking a chance.

It’s not only a story about the ‘old generation vs the young generation’, but mainly about family. No matter what happens, family always sticks together. And that even if you like different genres, music can bring people together, no matter how different you are.

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