A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend…


As the snowflakes fall, new love blossoms…

When teacher Florence Ashton receives a surprise inheritance, she decides to make the life-changing decision to up sticks to the charming town of Willowbury in Somerset. With a new house and a new job, she’s too busy putting down roots to think about love.

Air Ambulance pilot Sam Ellis is definitely not looking for romance either, especially not on his doorstep. When Florence, his new neighbour, complains about his noisy housemate, he feels more cross than star-crossed. 

But as the nights draw in and both find themselves thrown together in Willowbury’s seasonal drama production, will they overcome their differences and allow a little bit of winter magic to fall along with the snow? And what secrets will be revealed by the box of memories Florence finds in the attic at Bay Tree Terrace?

Let Fay Keenan transport you to the perfect country winter wonderland, with roaring firesspectacular scenery, and unforgettable characters.  Perfect for all fans of Cathy Bramley, Fern Britton and Katie Fforde.

My review

Teacher Florence Ashton moved to Willowbury when she inherited a house. She is ready to start her life at this new place with a new job.
She is not one to easily complain, but when her neighbour seems to enjoy playing the guitar during the night, she puts her own desire of sleep first.

Sam Ellis is an air ambulance pilot living together with Aidan. So when his neighbour complains about Aidan playing the guitar, he understands her feelings completely.

Sam and Florence find themselves suddenly taking part in a seasonal drama production. Even if they are lacking enthusiasm on being on the scene and having other things on their mind than romance, the time they spend together is making them bond.

Will Sam and Florence become more than just neighbours? Will they overcome their differences and fears? And what about that box that Florence found on the attic?

This story gave me so many feelings… I felt anxiousness, fear, pity, sorry. But I also had several laughs, felt happy, hopeful and had bittersweet moments.

Florence just took a huge risk, moving to a new place, starting a new job, so I admired her for her courage. She is also a bit anxious, but of course, who wouldn’t be?
And as she is a teacher, she uses her teaching voice even when she is talking with adults.
But she always has the best intentions, even when she knows that the message didn’t arrive in the way she wanted to deliver it.
She has her heart at the right place and even when she is having a colder moment with Sam, she still cares about Aidan.

Sam has been through a lot and he still feels like he is responsible of taking care of Aidan. But this is for him also an excuse for not moving on.
I admired him because he wants to take care of everything and everyone, but I also felt sorry for him. He didn’t dare to take a chance and put his own wishes and desires as priorities.

But slowly these two persons are finding each other… and oh boy, there was a scene I didn’t expect to be so steamy! I had to fan myself for a minute! J
But that getting closer was truly amazing to read about it! it made me also laugh when there was something brewing and at the last moment there was an interruption!

I loved this story for both its simplicity but also for daring to think outside the box. There are themes that some single-minded people would not like. But for me, it was just beautiful. Also learning about Sam and Aidan’s past, I could only imagine what real people would have to endure, but it was written so beautifully, it made this story complete…

And that box… I just have to mention the found box… the truth was truly heart-breaking… But it added again that extra to this story that changed it from a one in a dozen story to that something more!

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