How hot can a story get???


A little secret sexy fun
Under the Tuscan sun!

It’s her best mate’s wedding week – and Faye Davenport is celebrating with a skinny dip under the Tuscan moon. Except she’s not alone. The sexy Italian dish is Rafael Perez – her mate’s off-limits older brother. But now it’s too late. This illicit, irresistible fire is already out of control…

My review

Faye is spending a week in Tuscany, getting ready for the wedding of her best friend. She plans on being The Best Maid of Honor during the luxe wedding week, wanting her friend to be as relaxed as possible.
But Faye needs also to relax, and is there a better way to relax in a late – night skinny – dip on her own?
Unfortunately, she is not as alone a she thought, as she is discovered by Rafael Perez, brother of the bride. Sparks starts to fly around, and the more days they spend together, the harder it is to keep their distance. And when the inevitable happens, their secret meetings are the highlights of Faye’s days.
Even if Rafael is off – limits because of his reputation, resisting is impossible. But will Faye be able to prevent a broken heart?

This story was one of the quickest read I have ever had. It just grabbed my attention from the start and I found it impossible to put it away!
Rachael Stewart is truly an author writing a hot story without falling in the trap of repeating herself all over. Each story she writes, is unique in its own way, yet so typical for her!

Faye is a very recognizable woman. She has been single for a while now, and her last relationship didn’t  work out after her career was blooming. And being single has caused frustrations in a certain area… which of course can also be very recognizable!
Even if she has some frustrations, she is a caring friend, she wants her friend to have the wedding of her dreams. She does whatever in her power to avoid any stress for Dani. Faye is a friend in the true meaning of the word, always having Dani’s best interests in mind, even if it means keeping her seeing Rafael a secret.

Rafael is every woman’s dream of a hot fling! His looks (yes I know, it’s a book, but who doesn’t imagine how a character would look like if it were your perfect temptation???) , his laid – back behaviour, it is so understandable Faye cannot resist him!
But it’s not only that, also what Rafael does for his little sister, even if he has another opinion concerning the aspect of marriage.
He is so much more than his looks, his emotions make him a more real, realistic man beside the playboy. And when we get to know the demons he is facing, it made my heart break a little bit…

I found it a very entertaining story, taking place in a setting that feels like home to me. There was not one thing I didn’t like! Although, 1 tiny remark… Rafael Perez is supposed to be the typical Italian, yet his name doesn’t sound like very Italian. It sounds very Mediterrean, but I don’t think there are many Italians with this name 😂 But that’s just me being the annoying Italian woman complaining about a small, insignificant detail!

The author managed again to forget all my surroundings with this story that is just hotter than hot!

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