In the latest superhot tale from reader-favorite author Rachael Stewart, business owner Olivia Carmel is embracing her wild side, and PR expert Valentine Borettihas been hired to rein her in. But instead, Olivia is driving him wild…for her!

Seeing a client naked is no way to start a working relationship—especially when that client is stunningly sensual Olivia Carmel. When she invites me to watch her BDSM session in London’s most hedonistic sex club, she thinks I’m a stranger, not a PR expert sent to rein her in.

Watching Olivia awakens a hunger I can’t allow myself to feel. There’s no way I can work with her! But when she crashes her luxury car, I can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for her recklessness to turn fatal. She may kill me when she recognizes me…and when she learns a man sixteen years her junior has been hired to curtail her bad behavior.

I’m here to reawaken Olivia’s careful, rational nature. But instead she’s reawakening my desire…showing me just how well we work together in and out of the bedroom. As we fulfill each other’s naughtiest fantasies, and share our deepest longings, I realize I’m feeling more for my wayward client than lust. But can I convince Olivia to take a chance on love?

My review

Can a story get even more hotter?

After losing her husband, business owner Olivia Carmel is looking for several ways to lose control. And one way to lose control is going to a sex club in London and take part in a BDSM session. She even invites a stranger to watch her go into submission.
But the stranger is not just anyone… he is Valentine Boretti, a PR expert hired to rein her in, to avoid that her business will be affected by her behaviour.
When Olivia finds out who Valentine is, she is determined to not let a man dictate what she can or cannot do.
But instead of Valentine calming down Olivia, Olivia reawakens Valentine’s desire and naughty fantasies are being fulfilled.
However, how close will Olivia allow Valentine come? Because not only is Valentine sixteen years her junior, Olivia is not looking further than lust. Can Valentine show her there is more than just lust in store for them?

Before you start reading this story, turn of any heating, make sure there is a cool drink and have a fan nearby, because it is HOT HOT HOT!!!

The story already begins with a bang, as Olivia is in the bar ready to find a way to lose control and when she meets Valentine, the temperature only rises!
It’s obvious that Olivia has not always been that kind of woman (no judgement from my side if she were…) but losing her husband Nathan made her wanting to find that release she is longing for.
So yes, some parts involving her were really steaming, but beside those moments, I wanted to understand where her desire for submission came from.

The same goes for Valentine. When we see him in his ‘normal’ environment, he is this strict man, not truly enjoying life, being even a bit too precautious. Being a man in his thirties, not really a behaviour that you would expect.
But the same for him, I wanted to understand what caused this man to hold back so much.

The chemistry between Olivia and Valentine is ready to explode on each page, and despite their differences, they are at that moment exactly what they need for each other.
Not only is Valentine finding it impossible to resist Olivia, he also is able to give her what she needs. And Olivia is managing to awaken the passion in Valentine that was dormant.

But if it were only a story about sex, well, you could find that somewhere else.
But as we already have been spoiled by Rachael Stewart, this hot story is just so much more.
Both characters have a past that caused the current situation they are finding themselves in.
Olivia and Valentine are both strong characters, going through a whirlwind of emotions during the story.
And even if sometimes I didn’t agree with certain decisions made, I understood where that decision was coming from.

This story was hotter than hot, but is also shows us that letting go of control can be the ground of just finding yourself again. And that nothing, not even an age gap of several years, can stop for emotions to develop into something more. And that with the right person, fantasies can be fulfilled without prejudice and with acceptance of just how you are.

Again I was all but disappointed by this author!!!

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