A second chance for two broken souls?


An unforgettable Greek escape…with the man she never forgot! 

A-list actress Catherine Wilde has it all, but behind closed doors she is fighting personal battles. So the chance to escape to the private Greek island of her best friend’s brother, Alaric, offers the tranquility she craves. Except seeing Alaric again sets her heart rate soaring. Life might have changed him, but he can still make her feel alive—and when the torch she once held for him reignites, it’s impossible to ignore!

My review

Catherine Wilde is known to the world as Kitty Wilde, A-list actress. But when she isn’t standing in front of the cameras, she now is facing the most difficult time she ever had.
She needs to find some peace again, and what better way to find that tranquillity again on a private Greek island, owned by her best friend’s brother, Alaric.
But even if seeing Alaric ignites something in Catherine, Alaric is doing his best to avoid her. Because Alaric is not only scarred on the inside, but also on the outside. And all he wants is to be left alone.
However, maybe being back together, on a remote island, is what they both need to feel alive again?

When the weather outside is dreadful, dark, rainy and cold, a story about second chances on a wonderful island, written by the amazing Rachael Stewart surely cheers me up!
And reading about someone famous, being rather normal and having ‘normal’, human feelings, also easily warms my heart!

Catherine is known all over the world, because she is an amazing actress. But the life of an actress is not an easy one. Not only is she standing all the time in the spotlight, but everything that happens to her, the good and the bad, it’s written everywhere and not always things are described as what truly happened.
And after what happened to her, wanting her to escape everything, trying to cope with her feelings of guilt, made me see her from another perspective.
The lives of the famous ones aren’t always filled with glitter and glam, and reading also what Catherine had to endure, even at a younger age, go get he where she is now, was a real eye – opener, but also a tale that made my heart break…
Catherine is carrying a feeling of guilt that not is justified, but it’s always easier for an outsider to make that realization…

And talking about guilt… Alaric surely knows what it means to carry that heavy burden. Because of one event, his whole life got turned upside down, and not only. His action had consequences for people he truly cared about, and he cannot face them anymore.
Also in his case, I understood his desire to disappear, but I didn’t agree with it.
From what we understand, Alaric was a real handsome, and talented man. But now he is scarred, and he believes that because of what happened in the past, he cannot create the same talented paintings/drawings as before.

Rachael Stewart managed perfectly, as I am used from her, to grasp the pain both our main characters have to endure.
But she also managed perfectly to show us those shimmers of hope and new beginnings. What starts as a ‘just one night only’ or ‘giving in into those feelings of lust’, is obviously changing into the realization that old feelings can resurface. And that meeting an old flame can make you feel alive again and understand that those feelings of guilt aren’t always justified.
Love always finds a way, no matter how hard you resist, and that love makes all the scars, inside and outside disappear.

A beautiful tale about second chances, broken people, a beautiful grand gesture, written by an author that succeeded my high expectations and delivered exactly what I needed on a droopy day!


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