A crime never comes alone…


One unexplained disappearance is strange, but two are sinister.

In Lower Hembrow, an idyllic village nestled beneath Ham Hill in Somerset, the villagers are preparing to enjoy the autumn traditions of the rural English countryside until Joe Trevillion, a curmudgeonly local farmer and the father of six children, vanishes.

When Adam Hennessy, the ex-detective proprietor of The Plough, the village’s popular Inn, investigates, he finds ominous undercurrents beneath apparently harmless rumour and gossip.

Meanwhile, a vicious campaign of vindictiveness forces Adam and his three amateur sleuth friends to dig deep into the secret lives of their neighbours to expose the source of a cruel vendetta and prevent another death.

As they uncover the disturbing truth, the friends learn they must also lay their own past lives to rest before they can hope to make their dreams for the future come true.

My review

Everyone is ready to celebrate the Harvest Festival in Lower Hembrow. Imogen is adamant that this event will go without the extra ‘surprise’ as happened the last few events.
But no such luck, as Joe Trevillion, a local farmer and a father of six, disappears…
As the local forces don’t see an actual crim, with the help of former detective and current proprietor of The Plough Adam Hennessy, Imogen tries to figure out where Joe went.
But finding out the truth may seem harder than thought as the villagers are all ready to tell all the gossip and rumours about Joe.
However, not only Joe’s disappearance is troubling Imogen, as doubts around her own relationship with Dan, even at their second chance at love, isn’t going all that well.
And when weird things appear to happen to Dan too, the four sleuth friends (Steph included) need to dig out the whole truth try to prevent things to get even worse.

Whenever I am reading a story, never mind the genre, I always am looking for the happy moments for the main characters.
And how things ended in the previous book of this series, things were definitely looking good for our main characters.
So yes, I was happy to return to the village in Somerset, to see what the next adventure would be for our sleuthing team! 

And luckily for us, but not for the village, this time there is a mysterious disappearance to be investigated.  
What I like about this team, is how they all have their own forces, but it’s by joining their forces, they unravel the truth.
Even if the disappearance may not be a high priority for the actual forces, when things escalate, it’s thanks to Imogen and Adam that the mystery gets solved. 

In this third chapter, there is also more focus on the entwined relationships. And seeing how Adam and Steph are getting more and more in sync was just lovely to read.
But on the other hand, seeing how Imogen and Dan seem to appear to be reaching the end of their story, broke my heart a bit.
While I wanted this couple to last, I understood how they got to this point. And even when a new appearance may be the final nail on the coffin, I still kept hoping for the best, because as a reader we knew more intel.
However, it was great to see how in times of need, everyone just was there, offering help and support, no matter how awkward things got before. 

This was again a great, cosy mystery to read, and showing that my sleuthing abilities are close to those of our main characters.
I loved to get to know all the main characters even better, learning about pasts that scarred some, making them even more real in my eyes, as sometimes in books the past of a main character doesn’t matter and doesn’t affect the present and the future.
Here the author shows us that the past made us who we are now, with all our fears and scars.
But even if things get too heated, we can get all the answers and closure that we need, and dare to show our true emotions and intentions.

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