Intrigues intrigues intrigues!!!


Two sides of the same coin. Completely alike. Completely different.

     What started out as a normal art restoration project for Melinda Martin soon took on a life of its own. Could this unusual painting actually be a Botticelli masterpiece thought to have perished as part of Savonarola’s Bonfire of the Vanities? Had Melinda’s friend, Lana, a well-known art picker inadvertently acquired stolen art; art that might have ties to the occult and worth millions? Did a bad business decision endanger everyone who touched this potential treasure?

     When the painting disappears and both women are found dead, the police think it’s an open and shut case. The husband – it’s always the husband. He had means, motive, and opportunity, and acted strangely cold after the fact.  

     Is it a case of mistaken identity? Does a secret relationship put Mr. Martin in the crosshairs of an assassin sent to retrieve the painting? Or is he really a sociopath forger with mysterious ties to the Vatican?

My review

This is not the first book I’ve read from K.J. McGillick, so I was already prepared for the many plot twists.

It was a bit of a surprise to me, that main suspect in this story was Mr. Martin. Anyone who has read the previous parts of this series, know him as a very introvert person, not sharing a lot of information. He looks a bit odd, but has proved that his knowledge goes further than expected and helped in a few cases. So seeing him as a suspect in the murder of his wife, was strange.

The story all starts with a painting. And this painting is the catalyst of all further events. Botticelli is the painter and rumor says he used his own blood. Several parties, legal and illecit both want to have the painting and go several lengths to obtain it. But how does Mr. Martin fit in this story? And who on earth is Giuseppe Balestriccio???

The murder of Mrs. Martin is just one of the mysteries to be unfold. And the moment you think you figured it out, another murder takes place. And again it’s someone acquainted to Mr. Martin…

It’s a real talent of the writer to put you on the wrong foot, thinking you know it all. And her plot twists are just amazing. A random person suddenly becomes so much more involved. There are so many corpses in the cupboard that I was desperate for the answers!

Who is the murderder? Who has the painting? And most important, who is the real Mr. Martin?

Because he took part in previous stories, you feel like you know him. And you feel the urgence of Mary, doing all the possible for clearing Mr. Martin’s name.

During my reading, my mind went to all possible directions, trying to figure it all out. But it was just impossible!

This story gets your head all spinning around, to total chaos. But luckily for the reader, at the end, all comes clear in the outing! Even if the ending wasn’t what I hoped for, everything fell into place. So again a great book to read, even if it was sleep depriving for me!

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