Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions!


As the last train leaves, will life ever be the same?

Dorset 1935

Stationmaster Ted has never cared much for romance. Occupied with ensuring England’s most beautiful railway runs on time, love has always felt like a comparatively trivial matter. Yet when he meets Annie Galbraith on the 8.42 train to Lynford, he can’t help but instantly fall for her.

But soon the railway is forced to close and a terrible accident occurs within the station grounds, Ted finds his job and any hope of a relationship with Annie hanging in the balance…

Present day

Recovering from heartbreak after a disastrous marriage, Tilly decides to escape from the bustling capital and move to Dorset to stay with her dad, Ken. When Ken convinces Tilly to help with the restoration of the old railway, she discovers a diary hidden in the old ticket office. Tilly is soon swept up in Ted’s story, and the fateful accident that changed his life forever.

But an encounter with an enigmatic stranger takes Tilly by surprise, and she can’t help but feel a connection with Ted’s story in the past.

My review

Sometimes dual timelines can be really tricky… it can mess up the whole story so that in the end you are confused and have no idea anymore what happened with who during which timeline.

This story didn’t confuse me at all!

While I was reading the story, my emotions switched from one end to another. The first half made me smile when I was reading Ted’s part and made me feel so sad when it was Tilly’s turn.

Her start in the book was so sad and even depressing, I wanted to crawl in the book to give her a hug…

While Ted is a man who falls head over heels in love with Annie during his work at the train station. But he is too shy and insecure to step forward. Him I wanted to give a potion of courage!

Both stories seem interesting enough on their own, but how to make them merge together into 1 story?

Well, rather easy, as Tilly decides to go to live with her father again in Dorset after her marriage is over. And as her father is helping restoring the old railway, she helps sorting out. And here she stubbles into Ted’s story.

I got so hung into this story as I knew something horrible would happen to Ted. But what was it? And how did it all end?

I started reading and I couldn’t put the book away.

But it wasn’t only Ted that had me worried. Also Tilly was facing a lot of problems. As she faced a lot of problems coming out all at once, I was deeply hoping for her she would be able to get out the dark place she was in. And slowly, very slowly, you get to see the light coming back in her eyes.

This book got me in a rollercoaster of emotions: smiling, cheering, feeling sad, almost desperate. But that’s also the charm of the book. You know life itself isn’t always a happy trip and bad things happen to you.

And even in the end, I felt sadness as not everyone gets their well deserved happy ending but the end was as good as possible could be…

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