Finally a silver lining!


What happens after all your dreams come true?

Ariana Byrne knows how to survive. After becoming guardian to her four little sisters after their parents died when she was only eighteen, she had to grow up quickly. Now she’s in her twenties, stuck in a loveless marriage to Greg, trying to make ends meet for her young twins, William and Leo.

So when Ari is told that she’s actually the Right Honourable Lady de Foix, Countess of Hiverton, owner of a sprawling estate in the village of Saxburgh in Norfolk, her first instinct is laughter. Surely the girl who has to choose between food and keeping the lights on isn’t really rich beyond her wildest dreams?

She knows how to take care of her sisters and her children, but how on earth can Ari take care of an entire village? Can she fight off the circling land developers from Saxburgh, and stop her in-laws from grabbing all the money for themselves?

And while she’s struggling to settle in and settle down, she’s making new friends and new mistakes. Trusting her gorgeous neighbour, Sebastian Flint-Hyssop, may be the biggest one of all…

She’s swapped sink estate for country estate…but can a girl from inner city London learn how to become a Lady?

Take a trip to Hiverton Manor for the most uplifting novel of 2020 – guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Fans of Jenny Colgan, Trisha Ashley and Carole Matthews will love this romantic, feelgood read.

My review

Ariana Byrne has always been fighting for her happiness. When her parents died when she was 18 years old, she did whatever she could to become guardian of her four sisters.
She married Greg, but realizing she is in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage, she decides to do what’s best for her and her twins boys. 
When out of the blue it seems she is now a Countess and finally doesn’t have to worry about money anymore, she sees this as an opportunity of a lifetime.

She moves to her new estate and tries to manage all the responsibility that comes with her title.
As soon as it’s known who the new inhabitant is, everybody seems to want something from her. There are land developers who want to buy the land for their project. The locals are struggling because of former decisions, and Ari finds it her responsibility to correct what was wronged.

Ari stays true to herself, but with everybody trying to tell her what to do, she is afraid of making mistakes. And is everybody with good intentions? And what about her new neighbor Sebastian? Is he also trying to push her the way he wants her to go? Or is there more?

I always enjoy reading stories where someone’s life suddenly changes. Where first Ari is struggling, she now finds herself in a world where money isn’t part of her worries anymore.
I liked how Ari finds herself in a world she doesn’t know, but finds a way to remain true to herself. It would be so easy to just sit back and not have a worry in the world.

Ari has a great sense of responsibility. Initially you see this when you learn her background. She does whatever she can to keep the family together, because in the end, that’s what matters.
And not a minute does she hesitate to share the wealth with her sisters.

Her sisters are also amazing. They are all so different, but their bond is the most important thing in the world. Whenever one of the bunch is in need, nobody hesitates to help anyway she can.
Despite the misfortune when they had younger, they all found a way to chase their dreams and they never gave up.

I can just keep on writing what I like about this story, but every nice characters, Ari, the sisters, the twin boys, Sebastian, the villagers, are so real, recognizable and even loveable!
This story seems a bit far stretched, because let’s face it, how big are the chance to become a Countess out of the blue, but it’s such a lovely story anyway!

Family, trust, friendship, responsibility, standing your ground, that is the main storyline. And those are things that really matter in life.

I cannot wait to read about the adventures of the other sisters! 


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