Going back to a happy place of your youth…


A heart-warming tale of discovering all you never wanted is exactly what you needed.

Orphaned as a baby and raised by indifferent relatives, much of Anna Redding’s happiness as a child came from the long summer holidays spent with an elderly family friend, Aunt Meg, in the quaint village of Polkerran. 

With Aunt Meg’s passing, Anna is drawn back to the West Country, relocating to the Cornish cove where she was once so happy. Filled with memories, she hopes to perhaps open a B&B—and perhapscross paths with Alex Tremayne again, a local boy she used to have a major crush on and who only had to walk past Anna to make her heart flutter. 

Settling into her new life, and enjoying her work for the older, reclusive and—to be honest—often exasperating Oliver Seymour, Anna is delighted when Alex reappears in Polkerran and sweeps her off her feet. 

The stars are finally aligned, but just as Anna thinks all she’s ever wished for is within reach, a shock discovery brings everything under threat, and she finds herself living a dream that isn’t hers.

Can Anna rescue the new life she has made for herself and, when the testing moment comes, who will be there to hold her hand?

The Cottage in a Cornish Cove is the first in an uplifting series of romances from Cass Grafton. Get to know the locals, wallow in the quaintness of Polkerran, and fall in love with romance all over again.

 My review

Anna did not have a very joyful youth. She lost both her parents when she was just a baby, and was raised by not really caring relatives. The only moments of joy she had was when she spent her holidays with a family friend, who she called Aunt Meg.

When Aunt Meg passes away, Anna returns to Polkerran as she inherited the lovely cottage. Finding herself in the happy place again, she starts dreaming of opening a B&B. in the meanwhile, she works part time for Oliver Seymour, a writer who seems to despise other people’s company.
And when she meets Alex again, her crush so many years ago, she is just delighted when he finally notices her and sweeps her of her feet!
But a discovery may jeopardize all her dreams and not everybody is being as honest as she thought!







Initially it took me some time to get submerged in the story, but after a few chapters, I was just in Polkerran myself and I couldn’t put the book away!

Anna deserves to have the life she always dreamed of, having a cottage with only happy memories.
Living at the cottage, she realizes what she really wants, and ideas of having a beautiful B&B are coming to life.
And when she meets Alex, you just hope that he will notice her and be the perfect man for her. Initially he just seems to be what every woman dreams about.
The relation with Oliver is a bit harder (euphemism of the year 😀)… he is a very closed person, not one ready to chitchat a whole day long. But still waters run deep.

The discovery was something I saw a bit coming, but the whole extend came to a real surprise to me! I did not see that one coming!!! It left me agape! But it’s also something this story needed, it made it complete!

It was a funny story, with finding your place in the world, where you can be truly happy. It’s not only about a place you love, but finding a job to do which you dream. Building friendships in new places, opening your heart and not giving up. And also about doing the right thing, even if this may break our heart!

I enjoyed reading it and can’t wait to read more from this author!

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