When losing your husband is not the worst thing that happened…


Minnie Price married late in life. Now she is widowed. And starving.
No one suspects this respectable church-goer can barely keep body and soul together. Why would they, while she resides in the magnificent home she shared with Peter?
Her friends and neighbours are oblivious to her plight and her adult step-children have their own reasons to make things worse rather than better. But she is thrown a lifeline when an associate of her late husband arrives with news of an investment about which her step-children know nothing.
Can she release the funds before she finds herself homeless and destitute?

Fans of ‘The Hoarder’s Widow’ will enjoy this sequel, but it reads equally well as a standalone.

My review

Minnie Price nearly gave up her dream of being a married woman. But then she met Peter and her dream finally came true.
But when Peter suddenly dies, she finds it hard to survive. Her stepchildren are not very helpful, on the contrary. Because of their own egoism, they dig an even deeper hole!

When she is contacted concerning an investment her late husband, she believes she only needs to hold it together for a short period, and then all her problems will be solved.
Meanwhile she has to think how to spend any penny and even starts to starve herself, as she finds it harder and harder to survive and her investors just keep on asking extra money…

This is not a nice story to read… because the desperation is just heart – breaking… and the cruelty of some people is just beyond imagination!
Minnie is a poor thing, struggling with her problems, feeling she has nobody to confide…
Even her friends are not aware of what she is going through. She feels ashamed to admit she finds it hard to make ends meet.

But her real friends see that Minnie is not her cheery old self, and are trying to gently let her admit her problems. And with Maisie, Minnie finds an amazing friends. Even if their friendship is rather new, they are very alike in character.
Maisie is also facing family problems and is trying to make amends so that her family is close again, after revealing a secret that will affect every member.

This story is about how fake and mean people in your environment can be. It’s not because you’re someone with a good sense of right and wrong, that all people are like that.
But don’t despair, as there are people around with the same common sense! 

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