When you’re at your lowest…


If she could speak to them, she would say they have exploded her heart, released firecrackers through her senses. She wishes she could call the police, the ambulance, the fire brigade, to arrest and anaesthetise and waterboard the bastards. 

So what happens when your husband runs off with your best friend? When you discover the dead body of an old man halfway through your delivery round? When your house is burgled and you get beaten up? Doris, Andy and Colleen are about to find out. They’re also about to discover that you can find friendship and support in the oddest of places…

Heart-rending, humorous and above all authentic, Distorted Days is an exquisitely written account of the ways in which life can knock you off our feet – and how you can pick yourself up again. If you’ve experienced the fickleness of fortune, this is a book that you’ll never forget.

My review

This story is about 3 people who are not having the happiest period of their lives.
Doris her husband left her for her best friend, Andy finds one of his customers dead during his delivery round and Colleen has been beaten up during a burglary.
All three of them are in the process of overcoming these but find it very hard.
Despite their differences they find each other, and they start all looking after each other.

Initially I had some difficulties getting a grip on the story. I didn’t understand what was going on. It starts with Doris, but I was all confused, because it wasn’t clear to me what was real and what was imagined by Doris.
But after the initial struggle (purely from my side) it all started making sense.

What really touched me, was how they all were there for each other. At the beginning of the story, they didn’t know each other, but the further you get into the story, their lives are getting intertwined and friendships are made.
And they are friendships in the real meaning of the word. You see it too often in real life that someone is your “friend” but then in times of need, they suddenly disappear. But here the friendship between Doris, Andy and Colleen is for real.
They stuck together, are there for each other and don’t let anyone left alone.

Together they try to overcome their misfortunes. And even if initially they are introvert, they start to trust each other and together they try to find a solution.

I liked reading this one, because of the high reality factor. The things Doris, Andy and Colleen go through, are things that could happen to any of us.
And then having someone to back you up, it’s not something you can take for granted.
it was a bitter sweet story showing that no matter how low you are, when you have the right persons by your side, you can find a way to process it all and become the person you once were again!


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