When Isabelle Darby moves to the delightfully cosy village of Lower Dimblebrook, she’s searching for peace and quiet as well as a chance to escape from heartbreak. After making friends with Fiona Lambourne, another newcomer to the village, Issie is left reeling when tragedy strikes and Fiona is murdered, the second wife Anthony Lambourne has lost in unfortunate circumstances. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the local gossips insist that Fiona had been embroiled in an affair before her death, something which Issie knows not to be the case. Determined to clear her friend’s reputation and solve the mystery of the rumours, Issie takes on both the gossips and the handsome but stern DI Wainwright, making both friends and enemies along the way!

My review

Isabelle Darby recently just moved to Lower Dimblebrook. After having her heart broken, the only thing she wants is peace and quiet.
As she is rather keeping her distance, her only friend is Fiona Lambourne, also recently moved to Lower Dimblebrook after getting married to Anthony.
But when Fiona is murdered, Issie is determined to find out the truth, because she does not believe that her friend would have an affair, resulting in her death.
Issie is ready to investigate each rumour she hears, to the frustration of the handsome yet stern DI Wainwright.

I know this author and I truly enjoyed reading her other books. Yet as this is a slightly different genre, I was a bit afraid that I would enjoy it lesser.

I could relate to Issie, having difficulties in setting in a new place and making new acquaintances. And in a little village like Lower Dimblebrook, where gossip is the main form of entrainment, I can imagine that Issie was not really adamant in making new friends and talk about her past.
Yet I was happy she found a friend in Fiona. And yes, as a reader you know that Fiona will be found murdered, but it did gave me a little shock in discovering the details of it.
Issie is shown a true friend, as she is determined to clear her friend’s name and want to find out the truth, no matter what gossip is saying.

Slowly we get to know more about the life Fiona was having. And it’s clear that nothing is what it seems.

Beside the investigation Issie is having, of course the real institutions are also doing their work. And I found it very amusing how Issie was able to frustrate DI Wainwright! And the pushing and pulling between Issie and the DI is certainly an unfinished business that I surely want to read more about!

Also it seemed so typical when the local enforcements were a bit fearful about investigating the Lambournes yet also a bit know – it – all concerning the people, frustrating the DI even more!
The way things are handled in Lower Dimblebrook seems so typical of smaller villages and I can imagine that is truly how things are handled in a small community.

Even if I found the culprit rather quickly (am I a good investigator or was it rather obvious, I don’t know…but I hope for the first one😀) I found this a very entertaining story. It may seem morbid to say this about a story about murder, but this is not the typical detective story.
There is this lightness in it, also many sweet moments that made this truly a nice read!

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