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Someone has been getting away with murder for over 100 years in the small town of Hurston, Ohio. But the wrong person has been convicted of those murders every time. In 2018, Cassie Meadows is on her way to school when a bright flash comes out of nowhere, and she wakes in millionaire Randy Davis’s body with blood on her hands…the blood of Randy’s wife, who lies in a pool of crimson in the bathtub with her throat slit. Meanwhile, an old man everyone calls Jimmy Williams raves that he’s the real Randy Davis as he lives out his days in a ward for the criminally insane. In 1914, young Helen Hawkins is unloved and repetitively abused by her father, who is also the town’s pastor. Her only escape is in her dreams, where she wakes in others’ bodies, living other lives, but when her dreams turn out to be reality, the tables are turned on her father. In a story where no one is who they seem, how can Cassie, the latest victim accused of a murder she didn’t commit, end the cycle?

My review

In 1914 is Helen Hawkins abused by her father. The only way she can escape the abuse is in her dreams, where she can dream of living other lives. But her dreams appear to be more than just dreams, because apparently she truly has the ability to switch to others’ bodies.
In 2018 young Cassie Meadows finds herself suddenly in the body of Randy Davis, accused of murdering his own wife.
And that while the real Randy Davis finds himself in the body of Jimmy Williams, an old man living in a ward for the criminally insane.
Is there a possibility for each one to get their own lives back? Or are they doomed to pay for a crime they didn’t commit?

Where initially I was sympathetic towards Helen, my feelings quickly changed into not so nice thoughts.
Even if she endured terrible things, ‘thanks’ to her father, the way she is evolving is the story is making her an even bigger monster.
All the sympathy I ever had for this young woman, evaporated into pure disgust and a hope that she someday she should pay for all the pain she has caused.

When the book goes forward into 2018, you have to keep your mind stuck to the story, to avoid a big confusion.
Yet both Cassie and Randy are people that I pitied. Finding yourself in the body of a stranger, and on top being accused of something you didn’t do… just the horror of it all!

While reading this story, you have to have a really open mind, otherwise you will find it hard to continue reading it.
Yet even if I truly believe that the whole concept of body – switching is truly science fiction, this story kept me going.
I was keeping my fingers crossed that  Cassie and Randy would find a way to get back to their own lives and that Helen would get what she deserved.

This was a disturbing story to read, about people who were done wrong, become doing the wrong and how victims of evil can see their whole lives destroyed without being able to prevent it.
It gave me goose bumps all the way, as there were terrifying moments, yet there were also some kinder moments, allowing the reader to take a breath of fresh air and having even more sympathy for Cassie and Randy.

This is truly a horror story, mixed with thriller and mystery and a lot of science fiction, that kept me on the edge of my seat!

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