Nobody wants to attend a wedding on her own…


Tilly’s got her invite, now this single mum needs a plus one.

But she’s far too busy parenting her little girl, stopping her mum from over injecting her face with filler, and playing happy families with her pompous coffee-fuelled ex. Oh yeah, and there’s the new guy at work who is gunning for her job. So Tilly really doesn’t have time for any of the grief that relationships can bring. She just wants the fun, not the red flags. And it just so happens that a nice-looking man has recently caught her eye. He’ll do… for now… just perfect. 

Except he’s a little elusive. After a wild hen do including a very ropey boat trip, a gobby gate crasher and a dodgy male stripper, a series of dating disasters leaves Tilly feeling disheartened. When that familiar gorgeous face pops up on the dating website, she thinks all of her Christmases have come at once.  Could he be the plus one? 

Tilly’s too nice and she really needs to set some boundaries if she wants to be happy. Is there such a thing as the perfect plus one? Will her mother’s obsession with tweakments ever stop? Can Tilly compete with the sexy but infuriating new guy at work?

My review

Tilly absolutely adores her baby – girl. But things aren’t as easy as they may seem, because while Tilly is supposed to get back to work, she isn’t ready to let her baby go. Which is obviously understandable, as she is a single mum.
To complicate things even more, she keeps on playing happy family with her ex, her own mother is apparently a big fan of fillers and Tilly doesn’t want to attend her friend’s wedding on her own.
So her plan is to find someone to bring as her plus – one, a man to bring along but not being in an actual relationship with him. She only wants the fun, and nothing more, as she has been there, done that.
On the hen do, which goes a bit wild, she meets the perfect man and when she finds him again on a dating site, it must be a sign that he is perfect for the job ahead!
But isn’t it that something that looks too perfect, often is the total opposite? And why does the other guy she met on the hen do keeps popping up at the most unexpected places?

When I started to read this book, there were a few things I could easily relate with Tilly. Being a single (but not a mum) myself, I have felt also awkward when attending a wedding and not having my ‘gang’ with me.
It’s those moments that make you feel lonely, even if in any other occasion you wouldn’t feel that way.
So yes, I could understand why Tilly wanted to find someone to bring along, even if she isn’t looking for something more permanent.
And even if I am not a mother myself, I could also comprehend why Tilly was reluctant of leaving her lovely daughter even for a little bit.

While I felt sympathetic towards Tilly, I also had several mean streaks as I was laughing at loud at all the mess she got herself into!
It all starts with a ride in a car without putting sunscreen on, to a hen do getting over the top and a stripper who isn’t a real stripper (you’ll understand what I mean when you get at that part!).

When you read the blurb, you may think it’s all about Tilly trying to find a date for the wedding. But it’s so much more. The author manages perfectly to point in a funny way the struggles people have to face on being a single parent, and finding the perfect balance of being a good parent but also not losing yourself in the process and why not, finding that special one.

Baby classes, dates with terrible habits (TEA BAGS!!!), nosy friends and family, a too imposing ex, starting again at work while you have to face a new colleague who appears to be better than you, while some of the above may seem a bit over the top, it made me laugh yet realize how difficult it all can be.
And let’s not forget about how ‘dangerous’ the whole internet dating thing can be! Because I saw several red flags but I could see how Tilly didn’t.

There were also lovely, unexpected bits, from someone we didn’t see coming (yet we did 😊) and made me smile of contentment, making me see that no matter how weird things can go in life, there are also many good bits and you’ll never know where they will take you!

And what starts as an awkward first meeting, maybe will end in something totally unexpected yet totally wonderful, just like reading this book!

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