What would you wish for if you had three wishes?


The hilarious sequel to A Wish For Jinnie! Best read in order.

Jo Milligan’s café — A Bit of Crumpet — is her pride and joy.
But icing cakes and baking pastries in the sleepy Scottish village of Cranley isn’t hitting the sweet spot.

Jo longs for some excitement in her life. The arrival of gruff stranger Harvey Quinn doesn’t fill her with joy. Nor does the appearance of an unlikely assistant with an unexpected gift … and a serious attitude problem.

Genie Aaliyah grants Jo three wishes, but coming up with ideas proves challenging.

As Jo grows closer to Cranley’s newest resident, secrets threaten to derail their relationship.

Can Jo find a way to cook up a happy ending, or do the ingredients add up to a recipe for disaster?

My review

While polishing a lamp, Jo Milligan get the shock and surprise of her life. Because the owner of café ‘A Bit of Crumpet’ surely didn’t expect that a genie would appear out of it!
Genie Aaliyah grants Jo three wishes, but Jo now must decide what her wishes are… while Jo thinks about her wishes, Aaliyah becomes the assistant Jo wasn’t looking for. And neither was Jo looking for the arrival of Harvey Quinn, the gruff stranger just arrived in town who didn’t make the best impression…
What wishes will Jo wish for? And while they started on the wrong foot, will Jo and Harvey grow closer, or will the secrets put a stop of something that could be beautiful? 

As I had so much fun reading the first part of this series, I just had to read this next chapter. And as Jo wasn’t a total stranger, I wanted to know what adventure she would be making with a genie of her own. 

Getting to know Jo better was like being on a wonderful journey. While it would have been easy to pick out three wishes, I admired Jo that she truly wanted to think about what she would wish for.
And seeing what she chose, made me like her even more than before!
What she chose, was a choice made by her heart, and especially her first choice was so heart – warming yet also heart – breaking. 

I have to admit, I got a bit frustrated with Aaliyah, because yes, if we think about a genie, there is that big blue one that pops in everyone’s mind.
But Aaliyah couldn’t be more different! I would even compare her with an obnoxious teenager maybe?
But the way she grants Jo’s wishes perfectly, showed me also the good bits of this weird genie! 

And then there is Harvey… he too didn’t make a great first impression but he easily and quickly redeemed himself, especially when we get to know him better and learn what he has been going through.
There was a likeness with a new item that is very recent (I am not going to say what exactly or put my own thought about that on paper), but it made me realize even more that there are always two sides of a story and we shouldn’t just believe everything we read online or on the papers.
And lesson to be learned: sometimes doing nothing isn’t the right thing to do. Because the fight is worth it, especially when your own future is at stakes. 

Jo and Harvey getting closer and closer was truly sweet and lovely to read, but also a bit scary. Because as a reader you know what truth will come out, but you don’t know how our characters will react. We always hope for the best, but the author managed perfectly to grasp the humanity of Jo and Harvey.
It’s easy as a bystander to say what the right thing to do is, but when it’s you who is in the middle of it, fear and doubt are the feelings that sometimes will let you make the wrong decision. 

The third wish Jo had, shows us again how lovely she truly is. Because a wish made from the heart is always a great wish.
And seeing how our old friends are doing, was a great extra!

When you read this story, I will assure you, you will laugh, roll your eyes (Aaliyah!), experience heart – warming moments, experience heart – breaking moments and wish you had your own three wishes to see come true!
But if you have that opportunity, think wisely what you wish for, because we have seen how wonderful the right wish can be!

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