A surprise wedding, wonderful right?


Some people are romantics. Some aren’t. When Sophie and Maddie are summoned to a mysterious, top-secret meeting by their best friend Kate’s partner, and told that he’s planning to whisk Kate away for a surprise wedding in Gibraltar, it’s immediately clear that bubbly florist Sophie is a total romantic. And that freewheeling, purple-haired Maddie is not.

Soon, Maddie finds herself reluctantly organising venues, planners and ceremonies; trying not to think of her own memories of Andalucia, and those she’s lost touch with there. Meanwhile Sophie’s hoping this dreamy gesture might spur on her own boyfriend to similar plans . . . and absolutely notthinking at all about Kate’s gorgeous brother-in-law-to-be.

But Kate’s got no idea what’s going on. And as the stress piles up and the group jet off to the sunny south, it seems it’s not just Kate who might get a surprise in Spain – one that could change everything . . .

My review

Kate is looking forward to her holiday in June in Spain. But what Kate doesn’t know, is that her boyfriend is not only planning to propose to her, but to actually marry her there!
Obviously Steve needs help, and who better than Kate’s best friends are perfect for the job. While Sophie is a romantic at heart and swoons by this idea, Maddie isn’t a big fan of it. And Steve adds his brother Josh in the equation as his best man.
But how can you prepare a wedding without the bride’s input? And will the result be just what Kate likes? But more important, will Kate accept Steve’s proposal? And how will these stressful months affect the organisers? Will there be an ‘I do’ in the end or not? 

Obviously, in my opinion, is a secret wedding surprise a terrible idea. No matter how good my best friends and fiancé knows me, I will always want to have my own say in it, put somewhere something that is just typical *me*.
And then I’m not talking about the dress, flowers, food, locations etc.
So as far as I could see, this would be indeed a wedding disaster! 

I loved reading how Sophie and Maddie were doing everything they could to get everything perfect, together with Steve and Josh.
And trying to keep it a big secret, making up lies down the line was funny to read as it was just getting sometimes over the top. 

I found it also funny to read how the organizers were trying to get the information out of Kate without being too obvious about it.

But even if it was all about the wedding, for me it was about the friendship between the three women. Because no matter how different Kate, Sophie and Maddie are, they are a close unit, they would do anything for each other, even putting on a dress as a bridesmaid! 

Of course, there is romance in this story, and it’s not only about Kate and Steve. And I will not talk too much about how things are going, but it was nice to read how emotions and affections can shift during a couple of months.
And how our own perceptiveness can fool us and won’t allow us to see what is obvious… 

This was a funny, sweet, lovely story to read, about what we would do for our loved ones, but also how sometimes things don’t go 100% as expected.
But the love, in all the aspects, just sparks of the pages!

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