Can love overcome the pain and hurt from the past?


A second chance…With her first love!

Lady Brenna Stewart is grateful to be saved from her burning carriage—only her rescuer is Laird Garrick MacLean, the man she once loved and lost! He seems determined to protect her from the unknown enemy pursuing her across the Scottish Highlands. But, bitterly hurt by his past betrayal, she needs answers. Why did he abandon her? And how can she keep her heart safe now, when the connection between them is as strong as ever…

My review

Lady Brenna Stewart finds herself rescued from her burning carriage, after being ambushed. But she didn’t expect that her saviour would be Laird Garrick MacLean, the man she once loved but disappeared without ever returning or letting her know if he were still alive.
However, quickly both of them realize that someone is still after Brenna, and Garrick is determined to bring the woman he once loved into safety.
Travelling the Scottish Highlands, fighting mercenaries, and trying to discover who is after all the attempts of murder, is not an easy task. Especially as Brenna demands answers of why Garrick left her. Can Garrick tell her about the demons that still haunt him? And can Brenna trust Garrick again, not only with her life, but also with her heart?
Because one thing is obvious, the connection they once shared, is as strong as ever…

I surely love stories about lost loves, second chances, and strong Scottish men. Thus I loved this story, that’s how easy things sometimes can be.

Being in 2022, I had to put my mind in the right era. Because if this story would be taking place in this year, I would have many red flags!
But my mind set right, I could comprehend a little bit better, why Brenna was going to marry a man she never saw before, pleasing her father.
And it was clear this wouldn’t be a marriage filled with love, as we read how Brenna was ‘welcomed’ by her fiancé.

I truly liked Brenna, because she is the total opposite that is expected from women in that era. She has a mind of her own, is not afraid to speak out and surely can fight off men.
Brenna stands also her ground. She got heartbroken when Garrick left and didn’t come back. But she also picked up those broken pieces and slowly tries to move on.
When Garrick is back, she just doesn’t accept a lame excuse, but demands the truth from him.
She is also a compassionate woman, because she sees the hurt in Garrick and feels for him.

I also could see Garrick’s pain, and I felt for him. but I didn’t agree with the decisions he made. I could see his point, but I didn’t think it was the right thing to do.
And also seeing how he reprimanded Brenna for moving on, while HE was the one that left without any more information, made me even a bit angry, as he was being unjust.

However, Garrick isn’t a bad, evil man… imagine such a story!
The lengths he goes for Brenna, from getting her out of a burning carriage, to protect her with his own life, fighting and killing the men that are after her, shows that he still cares for her.
And we know what a loving and caring man he is, because his family is everything for him, and learning about his past and how it affected him, broke my heart too.

This isn’t a tame story, about two people finding each other again, but there is lots of action and even a mystery to be unsolved.
And it was nice to see how the female protagonist isn’t just being a damsel in distress, but puts in her own weights in fights, and even overcomes her fears as that means her staying alive.
It was also funny to see how a typical Alpha is struggling with seeing a woman fighting next to his side.

The mystery about who was behind the murdering attempts wasn’t a really mystery to me, but I was a bit surprised when the length of the deception was going…

As this is the second part of a series, it was obviously great to see some old friends again, learning how they were doing and how sometimes it can be obvious when people are related, as they have the same features.

This was a very entertaining story, about second chances, but also about how grief can burden us and make us feel less.
But I truly liked that no matter what happened in the past, love, the real kind, will always find a way and open our eyes, showing us that while we blame ourselves, not every bad thing happening to us is our fault.
And despite all the pain and hurt we endured, we can find happiness again.

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