Can an intervention make you find love?


Shelly Larson is in a man drought so dry it makes The Grapes of Wrath look like a Hampton’s pool party. With most of her besties (The Sweet Water Circle) in good relationship standing, The Circle spins to Shelly with a long-overdue intervention. It’s time for her to find her forever man. Or at least a guy without a foot fetish who doesn’t text pictures of himself in his tighty whities. 

Shelly wants no part of the dating scene, but no matter what she tries, The Circle is ahead of her, so eventually she relents to the torturous trio of speed dating, online dating apps, and blind dates. Will she find a diamond in the rough or will it just be rough? 

Meanwhile, the only Circle member still looking for love, Donna, is back from L.A., divorced and crashing with Shelly. When Donna’s new man makes a play for Shelly, it sets off shockwaves that could fracture The Sweet Water Circle’s thirty-year friendship, just as Taylor’s wedding to billionaire Ben Bach brings the crew from Sweet Water to Ibiza and Paris, not once, but twice. Will Shelly risk her friendships for a chance at forever love that could end up in heartbreak? Find out in the series finale of The Sweet Water Circle!

My review

Even if almost every member of the Sweet Water Circle is in a happy relationship, Shelly Larson is absolutely not looking for love. She enjoys spending her time in her greenhouse and making her own wine. And she surely doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete.
But that is not what Sweet Water Circle wants for Shelly, thus an intervention in scheduled.
Now Shelly is speed dating, online dating, having blind dates. But the quest for finding love isn’t an easy one. Luckily she has Donna by her side, freshly returned from L.A. after her divorce and also member of the Sweet Water Circle.
Can Shelly find what the other members have? Does she has to kiss many frogs before finding her Prince Charming?
And how strong is the bond of the Sweet Water Circle when something unexpected seems to be happening?

It’s not a secret I absolutely love The Sweet Water Circle! I have read each story and each time I fell in love with the characters.
So obviously I had to read Shelly’s story, while we know that she isn’t looking for love at all.

Being a single woman for a long time myself, I could perfectly understand Shelly and why she isn’t looking for love. Being single means you have your own freedom and structure, and no risk of having a heartbreak.
So why change that when we are completely content with our lives?

And now that her friend Donna is back from L.A. and crashing at Shelly’s place with her son, Shelly isn’t feeling lonely at all.
But The Sweet Water Circle isn’t accepting a ‘no’ for an answer and make an intervention, slightly forcing Shelly to do things she doesn’t want to do.
I had so many laughs reading how her speed dating went, because it just seemed all so awful yet so true! But it wasn’t all that awful, because there was one match…

I would be a bit angry myself if my friends would trick me the way they did  with Shelly, but of course they did it with the right intentions. And they truly want the best for each other, and all be as happy as the already settled members are, and even a wedding is on the schedule!

About the wedding, can I just say that I was a bit surprised at reading what money can buy? Because I honestly didn’t think that a marriage in the Notre Dame and the reception in Versailles would be actual possible?

It was nice to see how Shelly seems to have found her match, but if I am being honest, I didn’t like Zack 100%. While he is easy – going, and gives Shelly all the time and space she needs, I just didn’t feel the love sparking from the pages… And his sometimes laidback attitude, going along with everything, while I would find it strange to tag along, was in big contrast with his behaviour, being a bit too possessive.

And the shock revelation, causing a rift between the Circle… I could see how it affected the two concerned friends, but the reactions of the other members was not what I really expected from them… In that view I was a bit disappointed that suddenly Shelly was standing alone in a corner…

It may seem I didn’t enjoy reading this story, but don’t get me wrong, because I truly did! I loved reading how Shelly was getting back out there, found someone who had the same passions as her.
Seeing how Shelly and her friends are enjoying Paris and Ibiza, was just what I expected it to be, slightly over the top, yet just perfect for the Circle!

When I started to read this last book, I thought I knew where it would end, but I have to admit that I didn’t expect that twist, although the more I was reading the more I saw the direction this wonderful author was going.

Being book number Five, it wouldn’t be easy to keep up the high standards of the previous books, and fulfilling my high expectations, but Grayson Avery showed again that I should have faith and not to be worried, as I had another great time reading Shelly’s story

And may I please beg for a next book, because I want Donna to have her own story too!

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